At the core of all our buildings is a simple idea or a bold form. Our architecture is functional, grounded, rational and rigorous whilst maintaining a feeling of elegance and a sense of delight.


The Directors of Coy Yiontis Architects are committed to the creation of modern architecture and interior design. Our work rests on an understanding that design, as a process, does not start and end at the surface of a building, but is fundamentally related to site and context, function and purpose. We seek to respond to the challenges of each project with an elegant and functional solution. Spurning trends, our projects are imbued with a sense of timelessness, quality and longevity.


Consideration of the sustainability of all projects is integral in our design process and achieved by incorporating ESD principles and technologies as well as instinctively imbuing them with a quality that is timeless rather than fleeting and trend-based. We believe sustainability should be inherent and not apparent. We understand our buildings are part of the physical, social and economic landscape they inhabit and our process facilitates clear and efficient dialogue between the many participants in any project. The result is architecture with greater value and increased longevity.

Our process includes

  • Optimising site potential
  • Site responsive building orientation and design
  • Minimising non-renewable energy consumption
  • Onsite collection of water/solar energy
  • Specifying environmentally friendly products, fittings and finishes

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